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Below is how the commission process and such work if you decide on commissioning me.


Quotes, deposits and concept art-

  • No quote form, no quote! 

  • A quote is only accurate and valid for the opening you applied for.

  • Deposits are non refundable in most cases.

  • Under extreme circumstances where the client can no longer continue their commission, we will provide partial refund options if materials are ordered  but the commission itself is not started.

  • Concept art must be of the client's character. Please do not use photos of an existing fursuit as a reference, someone else's character, or art from AI generators.

  • All changes to a fursuit incurred through inaccurate reference art/failure to inform us of a change/a change after work is underway or completed will result in a fee. Our fees are explained at the bottom of this page.

  • It is down to the client to update us with reference artwork should the character change during the commission process. Changes will often result in fees and delays to your commission.

  • Concept art must be provided with 3 views [front, back and side. front and back will be considered for simple characters.] when you submit a quote form. 

  • Our artist SecondJaw can provide you with reference artwork for a small fee. We will favour artwork from our artist as it's going to give you and us a better idea of how your character will look as a 3D costume.

  • If your character has markings that are hard to visualize in a 3D space, our commission form also includes a 3D 'test' of your character to make sure that it's likely to be viable in our style with your choice of markings. I will recommend this to you if I feel your design may have elements too complex or cluttered to look it's best in our style.

  • Clients who are accepted during the quote process will be contacted and have a live conversation with Dask via telegram to finalise all of the needed details and address any questions directly in real time. Take into account that this will be no more than an hour and be purely speaking about your slot, this is to make sure we're a good fit for the client's character. We ask that clients answer truthfully when we ask if they have a deposit available so that we don't waste our time providing an in depth quote. After which, if we mutually agree the commission is a good fit for both of us, you will be required to pay your deposit within 1 week unless otherwise specified.


  • Work on the client's costume will begin before the full balance is paid, but it will not be sent to the client or finished before the balance is fully paid.

  • Clients will be required to pay 1/3 upfront for fullsuits and partials, and 1/2 upfront for heads only.

  • Second payments will come on confirmation of the head base shaping, this is where I can make any changes.

  • Dask will contact the client just before starting on the head base, if the client is unable to pay the second payment, inform Dask immediately so that he can plan accordingly. Failure to make a payment within 1 month of the initial request without prior communication may result in the cancellation of your slot and potentially the loss of your deposit.

  • The last payment will come shortly after the second [if there is a third payment to make] and following that will be postage. A quote of £1500 will have 3 payments of £500 for example, excluding shipping.

  • The exception to the above point is puchasing an adoptable, adoptables usually require 1/2 upfront regardless of the costume being a head/partial/fullsuit.

  • Payments are processed by paypal and must be in the client's name. If we have any doubts on the clients identity or age, we may ask for ID matching the given name on paypal, or evidence of attendance at a convention with 18+ attendance. [ex: a con issued conbadge with the client's name/character name on it]. We reserve the right to decline service to anyone who is unable to provide these on request.

  • We do not accept being paid in person at events/conventions, or paid in trade, unless this was suggested by us to begin with.

  • You must have control of your finances. If you are not, we respectfully ask that you do not commission us.

  • If Dask shows progress on the client's costume that warrants a payment, and the client is unable to pay it, they have a few options. If unable to pay for a prolonged period* the slot may be auctioned off, moved on to someone else in my queue, or the client will be given a grace period to pay off any dues and be pushed to the back of the queue while payment resolves.

Progress and updates-

  • ​Clients are welcome to request photo updates, although all photo updates available will be sent to the client when available. If the client has something specific they would like to see, let Dask know.

  • Updates are also given via telegram, both our current WIPs, finished costumes and the status of the workshop.

  • Slots are taken long in advance to allow for very reasonable payment plans to suit everybody. We will rely on you checking the update channel during this wait period as our direct contact with you will be limited until we start your costume. If this makes you anxious, please consider commissioning someone with a shorter queue.

  • An addendum to the above point: discussing the client's order and being accepted is not the start of the commission, the commission officially starts when the deposit is paid and confirmed by us. Ex: if you inquire about a commission in may, but you pay your deposit in august, your commission process starts in august.

Delivery and contact-

  • Once a fursuit is posted, any damage caused by the postal services are not a fault of my own. If such damages do happen, contact your post office immediately for compensation. 

  • While contacting us, try to stick within our work hours which can be found as a pinned message in our update channel, while they can change they will usually be monday-friday work days, 10am-6pm GMT. Saturday and sunday are our days off, we will not reply to messages on saturday or sunday.

  • Presently we do not offer convention deadlines, or convention drop offs. You may however pick up a costume from us in person in some circumstances.

  • If we receive no confirmation to continue with a costume close to a projected completion date, the client may be pushed back in the queue. Please try to reply back to any progress/updates in a timely manner to keep the queue running smoothly.

  • All customs or duty fees upon delivery to the client are not our responsibility and must be settled by the client. We can try to estimate what this will be on request.

Repairs, returns and modifications-

  • All costumes have a 1 year, or 5 convention warranty  where Dask will repair the costume for the cost of shipping. Only return the part that needs repairs, not everything!

  • If a suit is returned uncleaned/smelly/stained, Dask will return it immediately and the warranty will be void. If the costume is in truly awful condition at fault of the client, they will no longer be permitted to work with us.

  • Please include your warranty card [if you have one] when requesting any repair with your costume, regardless of your warranty status.

  • If a costume has been modified in any way by the client or a third party, the warranty will be void.

  • Any other rough activities that do not apply under general wear-and-tear will also not be covered under the warranty.  This includes: LARPing, tree climbing, anything involving mud or dirt, back-flips and other strenuous activities that require a lot of flexibility that a formfitting costume cannot offer.

  • Should you want to use your suit for adult activities, this will void your warranty and option to send the suit back to me for repairs.

  • We strongly suggest that you do not modify or ask us to modify your suit for adult activities before your warranty expires.

  • Any issues or damage should be reported directly to us, especially within the warranty period.

  • If a repair is simple and the client can repair it themselves, we will often recommend this purely due to the cost of postage, especially for overseas clients. If the client is uncomfortable to make a repair themselves, we will still take the costume in for repairs, or suggest a local maker able to carry out the repair. This may incur a higher repair rate than our base rate, however!

  • A fitting error on our part will be repaired free of charge within the first 3 months of you owning your costume. We will however charge our repair rate to fix or modify a costume that no longer fits after the initial wear due to gained/lost weight.

  • Repairs have the full 1 year/5 convention warranty.



  • Every fursuit we create is a unique wearable art piece tailored to the owner, as such, returns are not accepted once a fursuit is complete and mailed out to the client. Unless it is a large error on our part that could not be seen via photos, which we will try to fix.

  • No one will stop you from selling the costume on to someone else if you are still unhappy with it and no other solution can be found.

  • For new costumes, the warranty will be extended to the new owner, providing no modifications were made. Suits from may 2018 on-wards will have an official start-end warranty sheet in with the costume that must be passed to the new owner for this to apply.

  • No refunds will be given if the costume arrives to Dask in a state that is different to when it was sent out or it is otherwise dirty/used, tampered with or improperly washed and subsequently ruined. Your suit will be returned and anything left from your repair fee not used on postage will be refunded to you.

  • If circumstances change during the process of the commission, such as, but not limited to; the client is rude, threatening, unreasonable, excessive contact/expectation of immediate replies, abuse our staff or Dask has personal issues that inpede progress with the commission, we have the right to give a refund of our own accord. Dask will give you notice and reasoning if your order is refunded. In most cases, a refund will be given after your slot is sold off to someone else waiting in our shortlist.


  • From march 2022, we will be allowing the option for clients to visit our workshop again and have their DTDs made by us. You must book this well in advance with us and you will be expected to provide your own coveralls to wear, 2 rolls of brown parcel tape and 2 rolls of 3M brand or similar grey or black tape. We charge £60 for the time/service.

  • Any poorly made DTDs that can be salvaged will incur a £30 repair fee. This includes; torn areas of the DTD, areas of coverall still showing, bent arms/legs, dropped crotches [if you want us to ammend that] or if you do not tape the DTD back together before sending it to us. 

  • Changing your character or fur choices mid commission will result in being billed for the new order of fabric. This also includes a change in choice for accent fabrics such as fleece, minkie, etc

  • Any changes made to the suit that were an oversight of the client past the foam base stage will be charged at our advanced repair rate of £35 p/hour

  • If Dask finishes your costume and you cannot pay the final amount due, Dask will hold the costume for a maximum of 1 month, after this it will be altered if the character is very distinct, then auctioned off and you will be refunded the amount you had paid towards it, minus the deposit and an admin fee of 15% of the remaining sale value. 



  • We do not make handpaws, footpaws, bodysuits or tails separately, we only make heads, partials and fullsuits.

  • If the client is under the age of 18, we wont be able to work with them. It is a legal requirement to be over 18 to have an active paypal account, which is a requirement for commissioning us.

  • If the client is not a native speaker of english and struggles to write it, we may refuse to work with them. This is because costume commissions are fairly conversation heavy and we would hate to miss something lost in translation and leave the client unhappy with the final product. Asking a friend to contact us instead in this case is fine!


*1 month, we may allow 3 months with prior communication but this is not a guarantee. 

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