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How long does it take to make a fursuit?

From concept to completion, it takes about a month. However this is during my slower periods of the year, during peak times this can be up to 5 months. We won't just be working on one costume at any one time! This is from us starting on your commission, not from when the deposit is paid.

What kind of materials do you use?

Faux fur, fleece, lycra, spandex, minky, velboa, silicone, resin... the list goes on! If you would like us to use specific materials when making your costume, feel free to make that request in the quote form to see if we can accommodate you.

Do you make fullsuits?

We do! fullsuits require duct tape dummies, so be aware of this before you commit to commissioning one. If you can't provide us with a DTD, the warranty on your bodysuit or future free alterations/repairs may be forfeit. DTD's are not optional if you want padding on your bodysuit. we offer chubby belly padding, subtle chest padding for breasts or feral chests and digitigrade legs. We currently do not offer full muscle padding.

What′s the difference between indoor and outdoor footpaws?

Indoor footpaws are recommended to be worn on moderately clean even flooring, not outside/on dirt/gravel. These paws have finished bottoms with pawpads in a variety of materials. The 'outdoor' variant of our footpaws is no longer available as a stand alone wearable, and instead has been replaced with fursuit sandals fitted to your footpaws. Presently our supplier for the bottoms we use for sandals is unavailable, as a result, our sandal option is also unavailable. This is better for us [Dask is allergic to glues used to adhere the rubber soles for outdoor footpaws!] and gives you less luggage when packing for events, just slip the sandals on your footpaws and you're good to go!

What style of construction do you use on your heads?

All of our heads are foam construction. Our heads are not lined on the inside fully, just the mouth, nose and cheek area is lined. Having the foam open and able to breath aids in the cleaning of the head and reduces the chances of mold developing between the lining and foam from dampness after improper storage. Generally, we'll recommend wearing a balaclava you can wear under the head and take off to wash afterwards! If due to sensory reasons, you would prefer a fully lined head, this can be arranged for an additional fee for the time/material. Due to our foam only construction, we do not offer moving jaws, presently we have no interest in working on bases made by others to provide moving jaws.​


Which style of eyes have the best vision?

3D eyes have the potential to have the best vision, as you have the option of having the entire eye including the whites as mesh [this option is not recommended if you intend to perform around children as they aren't as sturdy!]. Toony eyes also have decent vision depending on the artistic style of the eye! Generally, you'll always have a small blind spot in the center of your vision, but we aim to minimise this as much as possible without sacrificing looks.​

Where do you breathe from the heads?

The mouth is hollow to allow easy air flow, and should you want to install a fan into the muzzle in the future, there is plenty of space in the muzzle to allow for one as well! 

How do fursuit sleeves work?

Fursuit sleeves are simple, shaped fur tubes with elastic keeping the pair together at the shoulder. This elastic goes across your back when wearing them, just put a shirt on over your arm sleeves and the elastic will keep them up! It's advised to put your handpaws on, then your sleeves, then your shirt for a seamless look.​

What if I want a quote and you aren't taking open for commissions?

We have a pricing calculator set up specifically for this situation. It's best to overshoot what you think you want out of your costume so that you oversave for an opening, rather than undersave! You can find this on our pricing page. ​

I've tried to get a slot multiple times and never even got a reply! What gives?

We're sorry you weren't selected, but every time we open up our slots we sometimes have upwards of 50 applicants. We will pick and choose criteria that keeps our work flow interesting, or gives us character designs we would like to work with. Our slots are not first come first served. You improve your likelihood of getting a slot by; being a species we haven't made/made many of, opting for artistic liberty, having a reference sheet from our concept artist, or trying for multiple openings, the current sweet spot for that sits around 3 tries. Don't give up looking if you're dedicated to getting a slot with us, but also be aware of our limitations!​

What if I don′t know what I want or don′t have concept art?

Artistic liberty may be the option for you! Artistic liberty essentially rewards you for not being picky about your design. Want a water themed wolf? Sure! When you get more involved with small details you would like though, the price for artistic liberty will go up towards the normal price of a fursuit of that type. We have a separate form available for our artistic liberty options vs our normal options.​ Currently, artistic liberty suits work out approximately 20% cheaper than regular commissions if the client has the lowest possible amount of involvement with the design.


What if I want to change my design after I've given a deposit?

You have up until we start your costume to make changes to your design. After that, no more changes will be freely accepted. Any change is subject to a fee if it alters your design to the point Dask feels it's necessary. Changes that can incur fees are: additional markings/colours. change of species, horns, a change in eye colour/inner ear colour, tongue colour, ect.​


Where do you ship costumes?


​Currently, we ship just about everywhere except the EU. Just be aware that some countries will have security risks with posting fursuits and I will recommend full tracking/insurance as the only option I'll send the suit via. Mainland UK, america and australia are all common locations we ship to. Posting to the EU at the moment is too uncertain and volatile for us to reasonably accept commissions from EU locals. If the ability to collect your suit arises, we will allow this, but we will not be posting to the EU for the foreseeable future.​

What costumes wont you make?

We won't make original species' that are not of your creation. Ex; sergals, angel dragons, etc. We also won't make costumes breaching copyright laws, such as pokemon or digimon. We can do 'inspired by' designs, but they won't be 100% true to the inspiration. We will not make characters who are primarily or completely made up of saturated colours either for Dask's eye health. Suits that are too close to another suit we have made in the past [but not a remake of your character, which is absolutely fine!] will also be declined.  In some cases, we may still select characters like this, but only when the design is uncopyrightable. Such as, a white wolf, a fox with natural markings, etc. 2 dragons with the exact same colours and horn placement however, would be a no go! ​

Can you make me a fursuit in someone else's style?

In short, no. If you like another fursuit maker's style, commission them!


Do your costumes have a warranty?

All costumes have a 1 year or 5 convention warranty against any defects that don't include regular wear and tear, whatever comes first. Regular wear and tear includes: plastic discolouration- which includes the fur itself, claw scuffs, softening of leather pawpads, pilling on the fur backing on bodysuits and small tears. If it's small enough to just get a finger through a tear, it's not worth the postage to send it back to us, and we'll advise on self repair!

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