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Hi there! My name is Dask and I own Camodile, I live and create costumes in the south east of the UK as my primary job. My pronouns are he/they. I have been making fursuits and other costumes since 2008 and have a passion for reptiles, amphians and crocodilians. When able, you can usually find me in attendance and/or in the dealers den at Confuzzled and Scotiacon!

Hello I'm Lomi! I'm an illustrator and animator that has worked with Dask since 2017. I mainly do concept art for fursuit reference sheets, but I also help out with the brand design for Camodile. I currently live in Alaska, but I often visit the UK to hangout with people who enjoy our work.


We are also assisted ocassionally by our apprentice, Medosai!

Artwork credit: Indiwolf

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