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Portfolio Pieces

⬆️Fursuits and accessories ⬆️

stay classy~
stego jar
green tea python
sabertooth jar
geck design keychain
dragon jasmine
beach party croc
beach party gator
Boba gecko
stay fruity!

⬆️Artwork, Prints, Merch ⬆️

Welcome to our Portfolio!

We do a variety of work from fursuits and accessories. [of which we bring 2-3 partials to sell at most conventions] 
Keychains and stickers as our lower value/budget friendly items.
Varied prints, from 8" square to A4 that we update and cycle yearly.
Mystery bags featuring stock currently out of cycle and only available via the mystery bags.
Apparel, we usually bring 3-4 shirt designs in sizes small through to 3XL, we also stock hoodies at winter events.
Small accessories, such as washbags, pencil cases and beanie hats are also items that we tend to bring to conventions when we have table space for them.

For more photos of our suits, including fullsuits and partials, please see our main gallery!


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